Report: UFC 300: A New Benchmark in Fight Night Success

UFC 300 Hits Major Milestones with Pereira vs. Hill

UFC 300 not only marked a historic milestone for mixed martial arts but also emerged as a commercial triumph, demonstrating the enduring appeal and growing global footprint of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Record-Breaking Attendance and Revenue

The event, held at the Kaseya Center, was a sell-out with 19,165 fans in attendance, generating a record-breaking $14,142,904 from ticket sales alone. This remarkable figure set a new high for the venue, making UFC 300 the fourth highest-grossing UFC event ever. The electric atmosphere contributed significantly to the night’s success, as fans gathered in unprecedented numbers to witness the spectacle.

Pay-Per-View Success

Anticipation for the pay-per-view broadcast was exceptionally high, reflecting the event’s high stakes and the quality of fighters involved. With a card featuring 12 former or current UFC champions, expectations were set for an event that could rival the most significant PPV successes in UFC history. Early projections suggest that UFC 300 could reach or even exceed 1 million PPV buys, a testament to its broad appeal and the compelling narratives leading up to fight night.

Comparison with Previous Landmarks

For context, previous landmark events such as UFC 100 and UFC 200 recorded 1.6 million and approximately 1.3 million PPV sales, respectively. Even more recent, UFC 264, headlined by Conor McGregor, also achieved around 1.3 million buys on ESPN+. UFC 300’s performance not only aligns with these milestones but also showcases the growth of the sport with over 100 hours of dedicated programming by ESPN, double the coverage offered since it began broadcasting UFC events in 2019.

Memorable Matchups and Historic Performances

The highlight of UFC 300 was undoubtedly the Fight of the Night between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway for the BMF title. This fight was not just another bout; it was a narrative-rich contest that captivated fans for nearly 25 intense minutes. Holloway’s strategic prowess was evident from the start, but Gaethje’s resilience made it a closely contested battle. In a dramatic finish, Holloway delivered a knockout blow with only one second remaining, securing the BMF title and etching his name as the third BMF champion in a moment that will be remembered in UFC lore for years to come.


This edition of UFC 300 not only celebrated the sport’s progress over three hundred events but also set a new benchmark for future gatherings in terms of both athletic competition and viewer engagement. The successful melding of high stakes, skilled fighters, and a captivated global audience underscores UFC’s position at the pinnacle of combat sports entertainment.

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