Report: Title Dreams Dashed in London Clash

Billam-Smith Triumphs Over Riakporhe in Selhurst Showdown

In an electrifying night at Selhurst Park, Chris Billam-Smith retained his WBO cruiserweight title with a resounding points win against Richard Riakporhe, thrilling the boxing community and fans alike.

Setting the Stage

The London sky cleared just in time for what would become a career-defining fight for Billam-Smith. Despite the initial drizzle, the evening set the perfect stage for a boxing match that had all the ingredients of a classic. The atmosphere was electric, with 15,000 fans who braved the rain, eager to witness a fierce competition.

Early Dominance by Billam-Smith

Billam-Smith, hailing from Bournemouth, came into the fight with determination, marking his presence from the outset. The early rounds saw him set a brisk pace, outmanoeuvring Riakporhe with clean and efficient boxing. Despite Riakporhe’s support from the local crowd and his visually striking entrance in Crystal Palace colours, it was Billam-Smith who dictated the early exchanges.

Throughout the match, Riakporhe faced challenges, notably his tendency to hold, which ultimately led to a point deduction in the final round. His strategy seemed to backfire, giving Billam-Smith the upper hand in crucial moments.

Clash of Titans in Later Rounds

As the fight progressed, both fighters had moments of brilliance. Riakporhe, known for his resilience, displayed his fighting spirit in the latter rounds. An intense eighth round saw him landing significant blows, momentarily shifting the momentum. However, Billam-Smith’s counterattacks were sharp, showcasing his tactical superiority and readiness for Riakporhe’s aggressive style.

“That was closer than I thought,” Billam-Smith admitted post-fight in an interview with Sky Sports, acknowledging the tough competition. “The right man won. Rich is a great fighter.”


A Bright Future for Billam-Smith

With this victory, Billam-Smith not only avenged his previous defeat to Riakporhe but also solidified his status as a leading figure in the cruiserweight division. His sights are now set on bigger challenges, with mentions of potential unification bouts and even a high-profile fight in Las Vegas.

“Just never, ever, ever bet against Chris Billam-Smith,” promoter Ben Shalom remarked, underscoring the fighter’s prowess and the promise of more thrilling bouts to come.

Despite the setback, Riakporhe’s journey remains one of the most compelling in modern boxing. Overcoming personal adversities and starting his boxing career at a relatively late age, his story is far from over. His resolve in the face of defeat at Selhurst Park only adds to his narrative as ‘The Midnight Train’ continues on his path.


In summary, Billam-Smith’s dominant points win over Riakporhe at Selhurst Park was more than just a sporting event; it was a spectacle of resilience, strategy, and sheer willpower. As both fighters move forward, the boxing world eagerly anticipates what’s next, with Billam-Smith at the forefront of cruiserweight excitement.

With this victory, the stage is set for Billam-Smith to explore greater heights, possibly making his mark in international arenas. Meanwhile, Riakporhe’s determination and unique backstory will undoubtedly see him return stronger, ready to once again chase world title glory.

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