Report: Swedish Boxer Decides on Sudden Retirement

Anthony Yigit Bows Out at 32: Reflecting on a Sterling Boxing Career

Early Retirement Shocks Fans

Swedish southpaw Anthony Yigit, boasting a career record of 29-4-1 with 10 knockouts, has decided to hang up his gloves at the youthful age of 32. The news broke as a surprise to many, given his recent return to form in the ring.

Career Highs and Lows

Yigit’s tenure in boxing saw him rise to prominence as the European junior welterweight champion, a title punctuated by notable victories over competitors like Sandor Martin, Lenny Daws, Joe Hughes, and Armando Robles. Despite these highs, Yigit’s journey wasn’t without its trials. His battles against Keyshawn Davis, Rolando Romero, and Ivan Baranchyk for the IBF junior welterweight title marked significant challenges, ending in defeat.

The Final Bell Rings

The decision to retire followed two low-profile but victorious bouts against David Rajuili and Jamshid Nazari, both decided by six-round verdicts. These matches represented a critical juncture for Yigit, following a loss to Denys Berinchyk in August 2023—a rematch of their 2012 Olympic encounter.

Yigit’s Farewell Message

In a heartfelt farewell shared via social media, Yigit expressed his resolve to retire, shifting his focus to new endeavours beyond the ring. His message read: “I think I’m gonna retire the boxing career now and pursue the other stuff I’ve built up in my life! You don’t have to chase fights for me no more. I thank you for giving me a fair shot in pushing me for a world title shot one last time. I can honestly say I gave what I could, and that I can retire, knowing it’s not something I wanna do anymore.”

Anthony Yigit’s retirement at 32 marks the end of a distinguished boxing career and the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

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