Report: Price’s Rise: A Potential Legacy in the Making

Lauren Price: The Rise of a Welsh Boxing Star

In the bustling arena of Welsh sports, a new superstar is poised to emerge this Saturday. Lauren Price, heralded as a “once in a generation sporting star” by promoter Ben Shalom, is set to challenge for her first professional world title, igniting a pivotal moment in her career and for Welsh boxing.

A Superstar in the Making

Lauren Price’s upcoming bout against Jessica McCaskill for the WBA, IBO, and Ring Magazine welterweight titles at Cardiff’s Utilita Arena marks a significant milestone. This fight, broadcast live and free-to-air on BBC Wales in a simulcast with Sky Sports, presents Price with an opportunity to etch her name into the annals of Welsh sports history.


Despite this being only her seventh professional fight, Shalom expresses confidence in Price’s readiness for such a high-stakes challenge. “It’s a risk but Lauren has not lost a round since turning professional,” Shalom remarked to BBC Sport Wales. This matchup is not just a test of Price’s prowess but also a celebration of her potential, with Shalom proclaiming, “We are going to see a superstar born on Saturday night.”

Breaking Barriers and Setting Records

Price’s opponent, Jessica McCaskill, is no easy contender. At 39, the former undisputed world champion has dominated the welterweight division. Yet, Shalom sees this as the ultimate test that could propel Price to a status reminiscent of Katie Taylor’s impact on Irish boxing. “Lauren is fighting a pioneer of women’s boxing, but she is an athlete who breaks records,” he stated, underscoring the fight’s historical significance for Wales.


Building a Legacy on Home Ground

For Price, this fight transcends personal achievement; it’s about laying the groundwork for a legacy. “I want to build a legacy,” she expressed, envisioning herself as a multiple weight world champion. The fight holds additional sentimental value as it will be her first professional match in front of a home crowd, an opportunity to perform directly for the supporters who have buoyed her ascent. “I can’t thank the Welsh fans and public enough,” Price shared, reflecting on the overwhelming support she has received.

A Catalyst for Welsh Boxing

The significance of this event extends beyond Price’s personal ambitions. Shalom has committed to nurturing Price’s career in Wales, aiming to rekindle the vibrancy of Welsh boxing not seen since Joe Calzaghe’s era. The enthusiasm around Price is evident as she has already outpaced the ticket sales of many male counterparts at similar stages of their careers, suggesting a bright future in larger venues.

Eyes on the Future

As Saturday approaches, the boxing community is abuzz with anticipation. Not only will Price face the toughest opponent of her career, but she will also do so under the watchful eyes of potential future contenders like Chantelle Cameron and Sandy Ryan, signalling that Price’s journey may escalate quickly if she secures a victory over McCaskill.

In conclusion, Lauren Price stands at a precipice, ready to leap into stardom and carry forward the torch of Welsh boxing. Her fight against McCaskill isn’t just a bout for titles; it’s a moment of transformation, for her and for the sport in Wales. As Shalom aptly puts it, we are on the cusp of witnessing the rise of a new superstar in the world of sports.

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