Report: McIntyre Talks New WWE Contract and Next Steps

McIntyre Discusses WWE Re-Signing and Future Ambitions

McIntyre Re-Signs with WWE

Drew McIntyre recently re-signed a contract extension with WWE, putting to rest any speculation about his potential move to other wrestling promotions like AEW. While the extension itself wasn’t unexpected, the prolonged negotiation period did raise eyebrows among fans. The official announcement was made in dramatic fashion when The Rock shared a video on Instagram, presenting McIntyre with a congratulatory sword.

Prioritising Happiness and Family

In an interview with The Daily Mail, McIntyre explained the key factors behind his decision to stay with WWE. At the heart of his choice were personal happiness, family time, and creative direction. “Being happy, at this point of my life and career all that matters is I’m happy and I can get time with my family that I’ve not had for 20 years,” McIntyre said.

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He acknowledged the increased creative freedom within WWE in recent years, which has allowed talent more collaboration and leeway. McIntyre expressed his satisfaction with this shift, stating, “It’s been awesome, as you can see across the board. A lot of people breaking out and an opportunity for myself to show what I can truly do.” Despite knowing he won’t always get everything he wants creatively, McIntyre is confident in his ability to adapt and thrive within the company.

Awaiting a Clash with CM Punk

Currently, McIntyre is on a collision course with CM Punk, a storyline that has been building since before WrestleMania 40. Both stars are recovering from injuries, but anticipation for their eventual showdown is high. McIntyre is eager for Punk’s return, and when both are cleared to wrestle, a singles match is expected, likely at SummerSlam. Whether this bout will involve the World Title, currently held by Damian Priest, remains uncertain.

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McIntyre remains focused on his future in WWE, asserting, “We’ll see what the future holds, I just know that I’m in my prime and Drew McIntyre is not going to stop wrestling.” This determination resonates with fans, who are thrilled to see McIntyre continue his career with WWE, especially considering his significant role during the pandemic era.

Reflecting on Career and Future Goals

As McIntyre looks ahead, his emphasis on personal fulfilment and professional growth is clear. Balancing his wrestling career with family time is a priority that underscores his maturity and experience in the industry. His contentment with WWE’s current creative environment suggests a promising future where he can continue to entertain and inspire fans.

McIntyre’s journey in WWE has been marked by resilience and evolution. From his initial run to his triumphant return and rise to prominence, he has consistently shown an ability to adapt and excel. His recent contract extension is not just a testament to his value as a performer but also to his commitment to the WWE universe.

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