Report: Major Announcement Teased for UFC 303 Main Event

Conor McGregor Teases Exciting Announcement for UFC 303

Conor McGregor, the former two-division UFC champion, has hinted at a major announcement ahead of his much-anticipated return to the octagon at UFC 303. McGregor, who has been sidelined for nearly three years due to injury, is set to face Michael Chandler in the main event on June 29th.

Record-Breaking Comeback

As previously reported by The Sportster, McGregor’s comeback fight has already set a record for the highest gate, underscoring his status as the biggest star in MMA. Despite his absence, McGregor remains a key figure in driving pay-per-view buys and ticket sales for the UFC.

Teasing the Event

In a recent interview, McGregor revealed that he and UFC CEO Dana White are planning to unveil exciting news that will delight fans. While specifics are still under wraps, McGregor credited UFC official Lenee Breckenridge for the innovative idea.

“Very good. The fans will love it, and the people will love it. You’re in for a treat. Me and Dana had a chat, and maybe we’re going to announce it maybe together. It wasn’t me; it was Lenee, she who works for the UFC… She came up with an amazing idea. Dana loved it; she pitched it to me, and I double-loved it. And here we go. We’re about to announce it soon for the fans.”

McGregor praised Lenee, who serves as the UFC’s Senior VP of Communications, highlighting her crucial role in this upcoming event.

Speculation on the Announcement

There is much speculation that the announcement could involve a world tour to promote the McGregor vs. Chandler fight, reminiscent of the promotional tactics McGregor has employed in the past. During a recent live stream, McGregor hinted at the possibility, saying, “It’s time to get back out into the world… We have a huge announcement coming regarding travelling the globe.”

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Journey to UFC 303

McGregor’s return has been a challenging journey, marked by a severe leg injury sustained during his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier in 2021. Initially scheduled to fight Chandler last year, the bout was postponed due to McGregor’s absence from the UFC’s anti-doping program.

Anticipation Builds

Fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement, which is expected to heighten the excitement surrounding McGregor’s comeback and the UFC 303 event. With McGregor’s return to the octagon, the UFC looks set to once again capture the global spotlight.

Conor McGregor’s impending announcement promises to add another layer of intrigue to UFC 303, ensuring that his comeback fight will be one of the most talked-about events in the MMA world this year.

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