Report: Heavyweight Star Plans Different Path for Child

Anthony Joshua Prioritizes Son’s Future in Business Over Boxing

Anthony Joshua, one of the UK’s most celebrated sports figures, has openly discussed his hopes for his son’s career path, expressing a desire for him to pursue accountancy rather than boxing. In a revealing interview on Desert Island Discs, the heavyweight champion delved into personal reflections on his career, family life, and future aspirations outside the ring.

Family First: Joshua’s Vision for His Son

Joshua’s role as a father seems to transcend his boxing identity, particularly when discussing the future of his eight-year-old son, JJ. “I don’t think it’s a wise decision [to follow in my footsteps]…If I was to choose for him I’d ask him to probably look at accountancy because I think its good to understand numbers,” Joshua explained. His rationale is rooted in a belief that a strong grasp of numbers can empower his son to excel in business and investments, expanding his opportunities beyond the physical demands of sports.

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Balancing Boxing with Parenthood

The fighter emphasizes his dual role as a parent and professional, maintaining a clear distinction between his public persona and his private life as a dad. He shared insights into how he manages the pressures of his career while keeping a stable family environment, “He is cool. He gets it. I have always kept boxing out…So he gets that. He knows that I’m just dad.”

Reflecting on Health and Retirement

The conversation took a deeper turn as Joshua contemplated the sacrifices involved in his sport, particularly the toll on physical and mental health. “None of us fighters talk about our health after. We can notice it in fighters when their health is deteriorating but we never actually talk about it amongst ourselves. All we focus on is winning,” he noted. This candid admission highlights a rarely discussed aspect of professional boxing, underscoring the sport’s rigorous demands.

Legacy Beyond the Ring

Looking ahead, Joshua is not only thinking about retirement but also about how he can contribute to the boxing community long after his departure from the sport. He plans to open a care home for retired boxers dealing with health issues, aiming to give back to the sport that shaped his career, “That would be part of my boxing legacy that I gave something back to the sport that made me.”

The interview also touched on the controversial topic of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, a frequent host for major boxing events. Joshua expressed his reluctance to let political issues hinder his career but acknowledged the importance of being informed and engaged in meaningful discussions about such topics.

In his reflective closing remarks, Joshua mused on the transient nature of sporting fame, “Sports is a small window and we’re forgotten about so quickly…But while I’m on the Desert Island I’m trying to hunt for treasure and make sure I leave with something.” This metaphor for his career and life ambitions encapsulates his pragmatic approach to fame, fortune, and the future.

As Anthony Joshua navigates the complexities of career, family, and legacy, his insights serve as a reminder of the multidimensional challenges faced by elite athletes off the field.

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