Report: Garcia’s Boxing License Suspended Until 2025

Ryan Garcia’s Career Paused: One-Year Suspension and Purse Forfeiture

Unprecedented Consequences for Garcia

In a striking development that reverberates through the boxing world, Ryan Garcia has been handed a one-year suspension by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), effective immediately. This decision follows the tumultuous aftermath of his bout against Devin Haney on April 20, 2021, at the Barclays Center, leading to Garcia facing not just a professional setback but also a significant financial penalty. The commission has ruled that Garcia must forfeit his entire fight purse of $1.1 million to Golden Boy Promotions, his promoter, with a portion likely reaching Haney.

Details of the Settlement

The ruling by NYSAC comes after Garcia tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine. The tests conducted around the April fight—both pre and post-match—revealed the presence of the prohibited substance, leading to a major inquiry. The outcome is severe: Garcia’s victory has been retroactively altered to a “no-contest,” his purse forfeited, a fine of $10,000 imposed, and his license suspended until he can provide a clean urinalysis. An NYSAC spokesperson stated, “The Commission will continue to hold athletes to the highest professional standards and protect the integrity of all sports under our jurisdiction.”

Implications of Garcia’s Suspension

This suspension casts a long shadow over Garcia’s declared retirement plans. Initially set to step back from the ring, he now enters this hiatus under the cloud of controversy. This period also mandates that Garcia undergo random drug testing. Any failure to produce clean samples could extend his suspension beyond the already daunting one-year term.

Haney’s record, meanwhile, remains unblemished at 31-0, with his WBC 140-pound title intact, reflecting the fight’s reclassification. His response to the commission’s decision was pointed, expressing confusion over the financial arrangements benefiting Golden Boy Promotions, despite their silence on the doping scandal.

Garcia’s Defence and the Road Ahead

Garcia’s team has been vocal in defending him, suggesting the presence of Ostarine was due to substance contamination and asserting that the trace amounts found were too insignificant to affect performance. They stated, “Ryan Garcia was a victim of substance contamination, with levels measured in the billions and trillions of a gram, which provided no advantage whatsoever in the ring. Ryan, with his legal team, has resolved this issue and firmly maintains his truth: he never intentionally took any banned substance. It’s simply not in his nature.”


As Garcia faces the repercussions, he remains optimistic about his return, hinting at a comeback post-retirement: “They took my victory away. It’s okay, I’m retired. I’ll come back in a year. I was already retired so I’ll just come back out of retirement for a year.” His resilience, however, will be tested as he navigates the stringent conditions set by the commission.

This case not only underscores the stringent anti-doping measures in place but also highlights the complex interplay of athlete management, promotional responsibilities, and the harsh realities of professional sports. As the boxing community and its myriad stakeholders ponder Garcia’s future, the implications of this ruling will likely influence policy and athlete behaviour across the sport.

Garcia’s suspension marks a pivotal moment in boxing, calling into question the adequacy of current regulatory frameworks and the need for rigorous oversight to maintain the sport’s integrity. It also serves as a stark reminder of the personal and professional stakes involved in maintaining a clean sport. As Garcia prepares for his year away from the spotlight, the boxing world watches and waits, contemplating the ramifications of his return to the ring in 2025.

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