Report: Fury’s Path to Becoming the Best Heavyweight

Fury vs Usyk: The Battle for Heavyweight Supremacy

As the world eagerly anticipates the undisputed heavyweight showdown between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, Fury speaks with DAZN about the significance of this fight, his relentless training regimen, and his aspirations to be recognised as the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Fury’s Unwavering Fitness Commitment

Tyson Fury’s preparation for this monumental clash has been nothing short of rigorous. “If I’m not ready now, I’m never going to be ready, am I? Been in camp forever…I never stop training, anyway. Whether I’m fat, thin, or whatever, I’m always training. I’m always in the gym, at least once a day, mostly twice a day,” Fury explains.

His approach to fitness transcends the superficiality of physical appearance. “The only thing that differs is the diet, up and down, when I’m in camp and when I’m not. It makes no difference. You can be skinny or fat, it’s all about how you perform on the night. Having a six-pack don’t mean you can fight…as long as you’re fit enough to do the rounds, which I always am, then it’s never been a problem,” Fury adds, highlighting the importance of endurance over aesthetics.


Claiming the Top Spot in Heavyweight History

A victory over Usyk holds monumental significance for Fury. He confidently states, “I think this win puts me at number one, barring none. Beating Usyk now puts me number one status of all time.” This fight is more than just another title defence; it is Fury’s opportunity to etch his name in the annals of boxing history.

Usyk: The Ultimate Challenge

In assessing his opponent, Fury acknowledges Usyk’s unique credentials. “I think he’s the best opponent I’ve ever faced because I’ve fought world heavyweight champions before or undefeated people before, I’ve fought Olympic gold medallists before, but I’ve never fought a two-weight world champion before. So I think that puts him at the top of it all,” Fury says.

This acknowledgement from Fury underscores the respect he has for Usyk’s achievements and the challenge he presents. Usyk’s transition from cruiserweight to heavyweight, coupled with his technical prowess, makes him a formidable adversary.

As fight night approaches, the anticipation grows. The world will witness not just a battle for belts, but a clash that could define the legacy of two of the greatest heavyweights of this era.

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