Report: Did This WWE Legend Discover a Star?

Hulk Hogan’s Dubious Claim of Discovering The Undertaker

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has sparked controversy once again with his recent claims regarding The Undertaker’s iconic WWE career. Despite his storied achievements in the ring, Hogan’s tendency to embellish his contributions to the sport has raised eyebrows, especially when it comes to his latest tale involving The Undertaker.


Origins of The Undertaker: A Conflicting Tale

Hulk Hogan recently shared a fascinating story about his indirect role in The Undertaker’s WWE journey. In a video posted on his website, Hogan recounted his time working on the film Suburban Commando. He needed a large actor to play an alien and remembered Mark Calaway—then known as Mean Mark in the NWA—leading to Calaway’s casting in the movie:

“It’s kind of funny how The Undertaker came about. I was doing a movie called Suburban Commando and we needed a couple of really big aliens, we had one actor and we couldn’t find another guy big enough. So I remembered Mean Mark Calaway from the NWA he was working in Atlanta Georgia for [Jim] Barnett at the time, so I had somebody hunt him down and we brought him to Hollywood and The Undertaker Mark Calaway was one of the bounty hunters in the movie Suburban Commando.

“We became really good friends and once we were done I said ‘Man you should come to New York.’ So I brought Mark Calaway in to meet Vince [McMahon] and Vince took a long look at him, he was a monster at six foot ten and in really good shape and Vince goes ‘I’m gonna call you The Undertaker.’ I just said ‘Oh my god, this will never work with the bodybags and dead people’ but I was wrong on that one, so The Undertaker was born.” (h/t TJR Wrestling )

Fact-Checking Hogan’s Account

While it’s true that The Undertaker appeared in Suburban Commando, Hogan’s narrative has significant chronological discrepancies. The Undertaker—Mark Calaway—had already debuted in WWE at Survivor Series 1990, a year before the film’s release. This timeline inconsistency casts doubt on Hogan’s claim of introducing Calaway to Vince McMahon post-filming.

Hogan’s History of Embellishments

This isn’t the first time Hogan has been caught bending the truth. His past fabrications range from nearly joining Metallica to claiming he wrestled 400 days in a single year. These tales contribute to a larger pattern of Hogan enhancing his persona with unlikely anecdotes, which often overshadow his genuine accomplishments in the wrestling world.

Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker are both monumental figures in WWE history, each carving out legendary careers that have left indelible marks on professional wrestling. However, Hogan’s latest claim about his role in The Undertaker’s career serves as another example of his propensity for storytelling, reminding fans to take his words with caution.

This examination of Hogan’s narrative not only explores the truth behind his statements but also celebrates the enduring legacy of WWE icons like Hogan and The Undertaker, ensuring their stories continue to captivate fans of wrestling.

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