Report: Did McGregor Partying Cause UFC Presser Cancelation?

The Notorious No-Show: McGregor Mystery Clouds UFC 303 Presser Cancellation

Confusion reigned supreme in Dublin on Monday, as the UFC abruptly pulled the plug on the highly anticipated press conference for Conor McGregor’s eagerly awaited return to the Octagon. Just hours before the event at Dublin’s 3Arena, fight fans were left scratching their heads, with the UFC citing only “unforeseen circumstances” for the postponement.


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This sudden U-turn throws a hefty dose of intrigue into the mix for UFC 303. McGregor, scheduled to face Michael Chandler on June 29th in Las Vegas, was poised to use the presser as a springboard for his comeback narrative, three years after his last fight. Now, a thick fog of uncertainty hangs over the Irishman.


Fueling the fire are online videos circulating on social media, which appear to show McGregor indulging in late-night revelry at a Dublin pub with his partner, Dee Devlin. These clips have sent ripples of unease through the MMA community, sparking questions about McGregor’s dedication to training for the Chandler bout.

However, McGregor’s past penchant for mind games cannot be ignored. Is this all an elaborate ploy to play with Chandler’s head? Perhaps, with a mischievous grin, McGregor is using these videos as a smokescreen, a calculated move to get under his opponent’s skin. We’ve seen this theatrical pre-fight dance from “The Notorious” before.

Just last week, McGregor posted training footage to his social media channels. Looking sharp and fluid, he showcased his trademark left-hand power, seemingly putting the late-night rumours to bed. This conflicting narrative leaves fans in a state of bewilderment.

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White attempted to downplay the situation during the UFC 302 post-fight press conference. Drawing comparisons to past fighters like Jon Jones, who also had their fair share of off-night antics, White insisted he wasn’t concerned about McGregor’s partying. He further emphasized his belief in McGregor’s professionalism, suggesting that the Irishman isn’t foolish enough to jeopardize such a crucial fight with his career hanging in the balance.

White’s planned trip to Ireland to be with McGregor suggests the cancellation was indeed a last-minute decision. Regardless, the shadow cast by the presser’s demise and McGregor’s recent activities lingers. Until the UFC sheds more light on the situation, fight fans will have to grapple with a cocktail of confusion, concern, and a dash of “Mystic Mac” scepticism.

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