Report: Boxing Star Starts Training for December Rematch

Fury Gears Up for Rematch with Usyk

Back in Training

Tyson Fury, the English heavyweight boxer, has declared he is “back in the gym,” actively preparing for his anticipated rematch with Oleksandr Usyk scheduled for 21 December in Saudi Arabia. This preparation comes after Fury experienced his first professional defeat—a contentious split decision in favour of Ukraine’s Usyk.

Seeking Redemption

Determined to overturn the previous result, Fury is not just preparing physically but is also mentally gearing up for the rematch. He shared his enthusiasm and determination in a recent Instagram post, where he was seen training on a heavy bag. “I relish it, the chance to come back and redeem myself. December 21st is all me, undisputed here we come,” Fury expressed, highlighting his eagerness to reclaim his status and make a significant comeback.

The Countdown Begins

With the rematch still half a year away, Fury is already “counting down the days” until he gets the opportunity for redemption. The stakes are high, and the tension from their first encounter, where Fury was momentarily downed by Usyk in the ninth round, only adds to the drama. Despite recovering, the knockdown played a crucial role in swaying the judges’ decision narrowly in Usyk’s favour.

Uncertainties Around the Title

While the rematch promises to be a thrilling encounter, there is speculation about whether the undisputed title will be contested. The IBF, one of the sanctioning bodies, had previously stated intentions to strip Usyk of the title if he did not face their mandatory challenger immediately after the Fury fight. This creates an added layer of complexity as Usyk, who became the first undisputed heavyweight champion in the four-belt era and the first since Lennox Lewis nearly 25 years ago, looks to defend his title under uncertain circumstances.

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