Report: Boxing Rematch Postponed in Surprise Turn

Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall: Anticipated Rematch Delayed Again

A Second Postponement Shakes Boxing Fans

In the world of boxing, where the anticipation for a rematch can often reach fever pitch, fans have been dealt a second blow with the postponement of Josh Taylor’s highly awaited rematch against Jack Catterall. Originally scheduled for 27 April in Leeds, the bout has now been moved to 25 May due to Taylor’s recent medical procedure.

Taylor’s Apology and Health Concerns

Taylor has publicly apologized for this delay, expressing regret over the inconvenience caused to fans and everyone involved. His statement, “Sorry for all inconvenience caused. To my fans and everyone who bought a ticket and booked travel, I sincerely apologise,” reflects a consideration often unseen in the hard-edged world of professional boxing. The setback stems from a “minor eye procedure” undergone by Taylor in early February, leading to a slower recovery than anticipated. This health concern adds an unexpected twist to the buildup of this eagerly awaited fight.

Controversy and Rivalry

The Taylor-Catterall rivalry, steeped in controversy, has only intensified since their last face-off. Taylor secured a contentious split-decision win in Glasgow in February 2022, a fight that left many debating the outcome. Their last encounter saw Taylor’s undefeated streak end and Catterall’s own unbeaten record tarnished. The animosity was evident in their recent news conference, where tensions quickly escalated, hinting at the fierce competition that awaits in the ring.


Catterall’s Comeback Trail

Meanwhile, Catterall, undeterred by the previous loss, has been on a path of resurgence. He secured unanimous points victories against Darragh Foley and Jorge Linares, demonstrating his readiness to challenge Taylor once again. This rematch, when it finally happens, promises to be a clash worth the wait, as both fighters seek to settle their scores.

McGrail’s Fight Relocated

In a related development, the super-bantamweight rematch between Peter McGrail and American Ja’Rico O’Quinn, originally set for the same date in Leeds, will now take place in McGrail’s hometown of Liverpool. This switch offers McGrail a home advantage, adding another layer of intrigue to an already captivating evening of boxing.

In conclusion, while the delay is undoubtedly a disappointment for boxing enthusiasts, it adds to the narrative of a rivalry that has captured the imagination of fans worldwide. The rescheduled bout in May at the First Direct Arena in Leeds promises high drama and an intense showdown between two formidable opponents.

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