Report: Boxing Champion Swaps Ring for Cage

Boxing Champ Enters the MMA Arena: Marshall’s PFL Europe Debut

Marshall Swaps Boxing Gloves for MMA in Newcastle

June 8, 2024, marks a historic date in the world of mixed martial arts, as Savannah Marshall, the super middleweight boxing titan, steps into the PFL Europe octagon for her much-anticipated MMA debut. This grand event, unfolding at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena, not only signifies a new chapter for Marshall but also heralds an era of heightened excitement for PFL Europe.

Savannah Marshall, celebrated for her knockout prowess in boxing with a remarkable record, now embarks on a thrilling journey in MMA. Swapping her 16 oz. boxing gloves for the more versatile 8 oz. MMA gloves, Marshall is set to demonstrate her combat prowess in front of her home crowd in Newcastle. Her transition into MMA is not just a personal challenge but a seismic shift in the combat sports landscape.

PFL Europe’s Path to Greatness Unfolds

As Marshall debuts, PFL Europe’s 2024 season continues its electrifying course. Featuring the bantamweight and women’s flyweight divisions, athletes are vying for their spots in the prestigious PFL Europe Playoffs set for September. The stage is set for these fighters to embark on their own paths to greatness, each bringing their unique skill sets and unwavering determination.

A Clash of Titans: Marshall and Shields

Peter Murray, PFL CEO, emphasizes the league’s pride in showcasing world-class athletes. He notes, “Savannah and Claressa Shields competed in one of the most-watched women’s boxing matchups in history when they first fought, and now with Savannah’s MMA debut, the two are on a collision course for a rematch wearing four-ounce gloves and settling the score in the PFL SmartCage.” This potential rematch in the MMA sphere adds an intriguing layer to their storied rivalry.


Empowering Women in MMA: PFLW’s Mission

Marshall’s foray into MMA isn’t just a personal endeavour; it’s a significant contribution to the PFL Women’s (PFLW) initiative. PFLW is dedicated to putting a spotlight on female combat athletes, showcasing their extraordinary talents on a global stage. Joining forces with fighters like Claressa Shields and Amanda Serrano, Marshall plays a vital role in elevating the status of women in MMA.

A European Odyssey: PFL Europe’s Journey

The 2024 PFL Europe season commenced with a bang in Paris and is now set to captivate the Newcastle audience. Post this, the league heads to Glasgow for a playoff extravaganza and eventually culminates in a grand championship event. This season promises a relentless display of skill, heart, and determination as Europe’s finest fighters aim for the ultimate glory and the coveted $100,000 prize.

In conclusion, Savannah Marshall’s switch to MMA adds an electrifying chapter to PFL Europe. Her debut is more than a fight; it’s a testament to the growing influence and evolution of women in combat sports. As the PFL Europe season unfolds, fans are guaranteed action-packed events, showcasing the best of European talent on their quest for MMA supremacy.

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