Report: $500K Weight Bet Heats Up Title Fight Night

Haney and Garcia Set for a High-Stakes Weigh-in

In the lead-up to one of boxing’s most anticipated clashes, Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia have not only exchanged verbal spars but have also placed a high-stakes wager of $500,000 on making weight for their upcoming WBC super lightweight title fight. This bet underscores the intense rivalry and the physical demands of their profession as they prepare to meet at the scales before facing off in the ring.

Rivalry and Stakes High at Weigh-In

Scheduled to tip the scales at 140lbs this Friday, both fighters approach the weigh-in with different public personas. Haney, moving up a weight class following a sterling victory over Regis Prograis, appears calm and collected, resembling his usual mid-fight week demeanour. In contrast, Garcia seems to be pushing closer to 147lbs, raising eyebrows and speculations about his readiness for the fight. His choice to wear what looked like a weighted vest at Thursday’s press conference only fueled further chatter about his condition.


Verbal Jousts Add to the Drama

The pre-fight build-up reached a boiling point during the final press conference, where Garcia, facing his old adversary and Devin’s father, Bill Haney, reiterated the bet multiple times. “ $500,000,” Garcia asserted, met with Bill’s immediate acceptance, “Okay, that’s a bet. If you don’t make weight, it’s $500,000.” The challenge was clear, with Haney even upping the ante: “$500,000 per pound . Hey, Ryan. Let’s do $500,000 per pound. You wanna shake on it?” This exchange, laden with tension and stakes, epitomizes the dramatic narrative that surrounds this fight.


Fight Night Anticipation Builds

As the fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn draws near, the anticipation only intensifies. This bout marks Haney’s first defence of the title he claimed last December, showcasing perhaps his best performance to date. The history between these two fighters deepens the narrative, having faced each other six times in their amateur days with an even split in victories. Haney, poised and focused, expressed his readiness to demonstrate his supremacy, “The talking’s almost done, and the antics is almost done. This is not an easy fight, but this is a fight that I will make look easy.”

Garcia, ever the provocateur, challenged Haney’s approach to the fight, “I don’t think you will go in the middle of the ring,” he taunted. “That would be stupid. Come to the centre. We’ll go the centre of the ring, see what you do.”

This high-profile match not only promises to be a technical showcase but a test of mental fortitude and physical preparedness. As the fighters’ weigh-in approaches, all eyes will be on the scales, waiting to see if the pre-fight banter will tip into one fighter’s favour or if the scale itself will throw the first punch.

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