Oscar De La Hoya: Slams Fighter Over Post-Ruling Celebration

Oscar De La Hoya Criticizes Devin Haney After Ryan Garcia Ruling

De La Hoya’s Take on PEDs and Boxing Regulations

Oscar De La Hoya recently expressed his frustrations following the controversial decision involving boxers Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney. After Garcia received a one-year suspension and had his loss reclassified as a no contest, reactions within the boxing community were mixed. De La Hoya, a pivotal figure in boxing promotion, took this opportunity to voice his concerns over the perceived inconsistencies in how punishments for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are administered.

“First of all, I don’t condone PEDs whatsoever. Period,” De La Hoya stated emphatically. He continued, “But let’s talk about the inconsistencies, the penalties, the millions of dollars. I do not understand it. We should have a commission that oversees everything, every state, because Canelo Alvarez gets popped in a different state and gets six months. Shane Mosley gets popped and gets zero. So you’re telling me that Ryan Garcia gets a year and millions of dollars? That is not right.”

Haney’s Reaction and De La Hoya’s Retort

The aftermath of the ruling saw Devin Haney celebrating the overturning of his defeat, a reaction that did not sit well with many, including Garcia’s promoter, De La Hoya. His disappointment in Haney’s public display was palpable as he addressed the boxer directly.


“Let’s talk about Devin Haney now. Devin Haney, you’re pathetic. You’re dancing around in the bowling alley because you got your decision reversed? Nobody is going to forget about that beating you took. Oh, and let’s not forget you’re accusing me of not paying you. Bro, you just do not sell. That’s the bottom line. You can audit my company any time you want. I pay every fighter, and I’m pretty sure you got that from Canelo when he started (that rumour).

“So bro, that one year layoff, that retirement, just enjoy it. F—k you.”

Industry Reflections and Future Steps

This situation sheds light on broader issues within the sport, such as the need for uniform regulations across states and more transparent governance to avoid such controversies. As stakeholders and fans alike reflect on these events, the call for a more standardized approach to handling such cases becomes increasingly urgent.

Conclusion: A Call for Consistency

As boxing continues to navigate through its complexities, figures like De La Hoya are at the forefront, advocating for fairness and transparency. The sport finds itself at a crossroads, needing to reconcile its thrilling nature with the integrity and fairness that should underpin all competitive sports.

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