Okolie Ready for Bridgerweight Title Debut Against Rozanski

Cruiserweight Star Okolie Ready for Bridgerweight Debut in Poland

Lawrence Okolie and Lukasz Rozanski have successfully made weight for their WBC Bridger weight title clash in Rzeszow, Poland, setting the stage for an electrifying encounter. This fight marks a significant milestone for Okolie as he steps into the bridgerweight division for the first time under the guidance of his new trainer, Joe Gallagher.

Rozanski’s Title Defence

Lukasz Rozanski, the reigning WBC bridgerweight champion, is set to defend his title for the first time since claiming it in a stunning first-round stoppage of Alen Babic in April 2023. Rozanski weighed in at 15st 12lbs 8oz, demonstrating his readiness to maintain his champion status. The Polish fighter, who has shown immense power and aggression in his previous bouts, is eager to prove his mettle against a formidable opponent.

Okolie’s Transition to Bridgerweight

Lawrence Okolie, a promising British fighter known for his devastating knockouts, tipped the scales at 15st 13lbs 8oz, just under the 16st limit for the bridgerweight division. At 31, Okolie is seven years younger than Rozanski and is confident in his ability to deliver a powerful performance. Speaking ahead of the fight, Okolie stated, “The only thing that matters is tomorrow night.”

Okolie’s transition to bridgerweight comes after a successful career in the cruiserweight division, where his imposing frame and knockout power have been key attributes. He explained the benefits of moving up in weight, noting, “When you’re walking around at 118kg, cruiserweight isn’t happening. Even now I have to make bridgerweight, but it’s a lot nicer weight cut.”


Expectations for the Fight

Both fighters are expected to bring their best to the ring, with Okolie aiming for a decisive victory. He expressed his strategy and confidence, saying, “I’m going to be very composed and clinical. I’ve got several knockouts, and several early knockouts in my career and I’m going to get back to that. I win by stoppage. It’ll be a good counter shot or good work to the body.”

Okolie acknowledged the challenge Rozanski poses, given his aggressive style and knockout record. However, he remains unfazed, asserting his own strengths and experience. “You don’t get to 16 fights with 15 KOs without wanting it, so I think Rozanski is going to come flying out and try to assert himself, and it’s up to me to show him my pedigree – the level I’ve been at for a number of years and the fact that I’ve got great punch power myself.”

Fight Night Anticipation

As the fight night approaches, anticipation is high for an explosive contest. Okolie is keen to showcase his skills and power, especially with the added weight and less stringent weight cut. He concluded, “Especially with the extra weight that I’ve put on and not having to drain myself to make the weight – I should put on a very explosive performance.”

Boxing fans around the world will be watching closely as Okolie makes his bridgerweight debut, eager to see if the promising British fighter can capture the title and add another chapter to his impressive career. With both fighters in peak condition and ready to give their all, this WBC bridgerweight title fight promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

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