Misfits 15: Full Results as Main Event Plays Out Draw

Elle Brooke vs. Paige VanZant: A Stunning Draw at Misfits 15

In an electrifying display of skill and tenacity, Elle Brooke faced off against Paige VanZant at Misfits Boxing 15, leaving fans and critics alike astounded with a dramatic split draw. The event, held in Houston, Texas, showcased a night of twists and turns but none more so than the headline bout which saw Brooke, a rising star in the boxing world, take on the seasoned fighter, VanZant.

Unexpected Knockdown Sets the Tone

Elle Brooke’s impressive entrance into professional boxing continued as she knocked down former UFC standout Paige VanZant with a formidable right hand in the opening round. This pivotal moment early in the fight set the stage for what was to become a closely contested bout. Brooke, transitioning from her role as an influencer to the boxing ring, demonstrated she’s not just a sideshow, claiming, “I am confident that I will win, but she is the hardest opponent to date. She’s a mixed martial artist. She’s been fighting her whole life. So she’s definitely more experienced than me, but I definitely feel I have the edge when it comes to boxing.”

Judges at Odds in Heated Contest

The battle waged on through five gruelling rounds, with both fighters having their moments of dominance. VanZant, renowned for her grit and experience, rebounded from the initial knockdown, challenging Brooke at every turn. The judges delivered a mixed verdict, one scoring 48-46 in favor of Brooke, another 48-46 for VanZant, and a third scoring it even at 47-47. This split decision underscores the evenly matched nature of the encounter and sets the stage for a potential rematch that fans will eagerly anticipate.

Potential Rematch on the Horizon

Given the unresolved nature of the fight, there’s buzzing speculation about Brooke-VanZant 2. Both fighters have expressed interest in a rematch, which would no doubt be a major draw for Misfits and boxing fans globally. This bout not only highlighted Elle Brooke’s rapid ascent in the sport but also reaffirmed Paige VanZant’s status as a formidable competitor across combat sports disciplines.

Other Highlights from Misfits 15

The card also featured former NFL star Le’Veon Bell who decisively beat Tristan Hamm by unanimous decision, marking his third fight in professional boxing with a record now standing at 2-1. The evening was filled with competitive bouts, including a split decision victory for YuddyGangTV over Lil CraCra and several unanimous decisions that kept the audience on their toes throughout.

Elle Brooke and Paige VanZant’s headline event at Misfits 15 not only captivated the boxing community but also marked a significant moment in both athletes’ careers. As the dust settles, the sports world eagerly awaits the next chapter in this compelling rivalry. Whether in rematches or new challenges, both fighters have proven their mettle and drawn significant attention to the Misfits boxing series, heralding more thrilling encounters in the future.

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