McGregor vs Olivera: A Potential June Showdown Shift

McGregor Alternative Fight: Olivera vs McGregor in the Spotlight

In the vibrant world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), where every fight writes a new story, the buzz around potential matchups is relentless. Amid this ever-evolving narrative, Diego Lima, coach to Brazilian MMA prodigy Charles Olivera, has laid down a compelling argument for why Conor McGregor should pivot from his expected June bout against Michael Chandler to face Olivera instead.

Why Olivera Deserves McGregor Next

Lima’s assertion is not without merit. With McGregor’s return to the octagon drawing closer, after a hiatus extending three years, the anticipation for his next opponent is palpable. Scheduled to face Michael Chandler in June, this fight is already circled in the calendars of MMA enthusiasts. However, Lima suggests a twist in the tale. Speaking of Olivera, a former UFC lightweight champion known for his record-breaking submission victories, Lima believes a clash between McGregor and Olivera would ignite an unmatched fervor among fans.

“Sucks, right? With all due respect to Chandler, I’m not taking anything away from him, but what is his history in the UFC? How many fights did he do in the UFC? Of course, he sells, he has a name, I agree with that, but …Gaethje, Poirier, Charles, Makhachev, they all have done more than Chandler in the UFC. Way more. So I don’t know if this fight will sell.”

Chandler vs McGregor: A Missed Opportunity?

Lima’s critique extends beyond mere fighter comparison. He points out the discrepancy in Chandler’s UFC accomplishments when stacked against other luminaries like Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, and indeed, Olivera himself. This, according to Lima, diminishes the appeal of the Chandler-McGregor fight, suggesting that an Olivera-McGregor bout would not only sell more but also captivate the fight world to a standstill.

“Meanwhile, people are working. Gaethje is putting on wars, Poirier is putting on wars, Charles is putting on wars, Arman is putting on wars, Makhachev is putting on wars. Unfortunately, it makes this Chandler vs. McGregor fight sell less and less because it will be all about McGregor and not a bit about Chandler. … Charles sells more than Chandler. If Charles fights McGregor now, f***, in my opinion, that would stop the fight world. It would stop it.”

An Unprecedented Blockbuster

While Chandler may have been guaranteed a spot against McGregor, Lima’s proposition stirs the pot, presenting an alternative that could potentially redefine the narrative of the MMA world. Injuries and unforeseen circumstances are commonplace in fight camps, leaving room for the McGregor vs. Olivera bout to emerge as a blockbuster Pay-Per-View (PPV) main event.

As the MMA community waits with bated breath, the potential shift from a McGregor-Chandler to a McGregor-Olivera fight promises to bring a new level of excitement and spectacle, worthy of the global stage it would command.

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