Malignaggi: Questions Canelo’s Choice Against Benavidez

Canelo’s Crucial Decision: Facing Benavidez or Making Boxing History?

Paulie Malignaggi’s Take on Canelo’s Potential ‘Duck’

In a compelling piece by Jeepers Isaac of BoxingNews24, former boxing professional Paulie Malignaggi weighs in on a potential showdown between Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez. Malignaggi doesn’t mince words, stating that if Canelo, the holder of four 168-lb titles, avoids defending his crown against WBC mandatory David Benavidez in 2024, it would be the “biggest duck in boxing history.”

Evaluating the Contenders

Benavidez, according to Malignaggi, stands as the most deserving contender in the super middleweight division, surpassing even Jaime Munguia in the pecking order. This assertion doesn’t downplay the skills of Terence Crawford and Jermall Charlo, but it highlights Benavidez’s worthiness for a title shot. Malignaggi’s military analogy underscores Benavidez’s earned position. However, there’s a twist in this narrative, as Malignaggi also points out Benavidez’s reluctance to face contenders like David Morrell or Artur Beterbiev, casting a shadow over his readiness for Canelo.


Canelo’s Potential Match-Ups

Malignaggi mentions possible match-ups for Canelo, including a rumored fight against Jermall Charlo. The super middleweight division is bustling with talent, and with fighters like Munguia making their mark, it’s increasingly challenging to navigate. Canelo, at this point in his career, might not be keen on the complexities of a robust super middleweight class, despite his penchant for championship glory and accolades.


The Complexity of ‘Ducking’ in Boxing

The concept of ‘ducking’ in boxing is layered and complex. While Malignaggi suggests that Canelo’s avoidance of Benavidez could be seen as a major duck, he also insinuates that Benavidez himself is guilty of similar tactics by not facing Morrell and Beterbiev. This puts the spotlight not just on the fighters but also on the strategic decisions made by their camps and the influence of boxing politics.

Conclusion: A Decision with Historic Implications

Canelo’s choice for his next opponent goes beyond a simple match-up decision. It’s a moment that could potentially reshape the narrative of his career and the super middleweight division. Whether he faces Benavidez or opts for a different route, this decision will be scrutinized and debated within the boxing community, adding yet another chapter to the rich history of the sport.

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