Liam Smith’s Plan for Eubank Jr Trilogy Showdown

Liam Smith Eyes Trilogy with Chris Eubank Jr: A Fighter Rekindled

Road to Redemption: Smith’s Trilogy Aspiration

In the dynamic world of boxing, rivalries often define careers. Liam Smith’s keen interest in a third bout with Chris Eubank Jr, as reported by Jack Collins of Sky Sports, is a testament to this enduring truth. Smith’s journey, marked by dramatic highs and lows against Eubank Jr, reflects not just his resilience but also his unquenched thirst for glory.

Tale of Two Fights

Smith’s story is one of unexpected triumphs and hard lessons. In their initial encounter in January last year, he stunned the boxing world. Few predicted his fourth-round knockout victory over Eubank Jr at the Manchester Arena. This win wasn’t just a victory; it was a statement.

However, Eubank Jr’s spectacular comeback in their September rematch, culminating in a 10th-round stoppage, reshaped the narrative. Smith’s defeat was not just a loss in the ring but a challenge to his future in the sport.


Fire Still Burns

Despite speculation about his retirement, Smith is far from hanging up his gloves. His words to Sky Sports reveal a fighter undeterred: “The same people saying I’m finished after Eubank II were saying I’m the best middleweight in the world after Eubank I. How can I be finished in seven months with no fights in between?”

Smith’s determination is evident. He attributes his defeat in the second bout partly to a gruelling weight cut, exacerbated by a significant back injury. This setback has only fueled his desire for a decisive third match, a chance to prove his mettle once more.

Future Prospects: Beyond Eubank Jr

While the trilogy with Eubank Jr remains a primary goal, Smith’s horizon is not limited to this rivalry. The prospect of facing Janibek Alimkhanuly, the current holder of the WBO and IBF middleweight titles, looms large. Smith’s respect for Janibek’s prowess is clear, yet he remains undaunted, emphasizing his readiness to fight on his terms.


Additionally, Smith’s potential return to the super-welterweight division adds another layer to his career trajectory. His belief in securing another world title remains unwavering, with names like Magomed Kurbanov and Tim Tszyu on his radar.

Fighter’s Journey Continues

Smith’s journey is far from over. His desire for a third fight with Eubank Jr is more than a quest for victory; it’s about legacy, redemption, and proving his critics wrong. Whether he faces Eubank Jr again or charts a new course, Smith’s story remains one of the most compelling in modern boxing.

As we follow this seasoned fighter’s path, we are reminded of the relentless spirit that defines the sport. Smith’s story is not just about wins and losses; it’s about the undying flame of competition that burns within a true boxer’s heart.

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