Lawrence Okolie Defeats Lukasz Rozanski to Claim Bridgerweight Title

Lawrence Okolie Triumphs in First-Round for WBL Bridgerweight Title

Okolie’s Swift Victory Over Rozanski

In an electrifying display of boxing prowess, Lawrence Okolie swiftly secured the WBC bridgerweight title by defeating Lukasz Rozanski. The match, which took place in Rozanski’s native Poland, was a dramatic affair, lasting only until the first round. Okolie, demonstrating formidable strength and strategy, floored Rozanski three times, compelling the referee to call an end to the bout early.

The encounter began with Okolie landing a potent right hand, causing Rozanski to hit the canvas for the first time. It wasn’t long before Rozanski found himself down again, overwhelmed by Okolie’s aggressive approach. A final flurry of punches from Okolie ensured a third and decisive fall for Rozanski, sealing the victory for the British fighter.

Okolie Reflects on His Historic Win

Post-match, Okolie expressed his elation to Sky Sports, stating, “This was the best moment in boxing for me so I’m super happy.” His victory not only marked a significant milestone in his career but also showcased his return to knockout form, as he jovially remarked, “New weight, putting the KO back in Okolie.”

Bridging Divisions: The New Bridgerweight Class

The fight against Rozanski was notable not just for its swift conclusion but also because it highlighted the newly established bridgerweight division. Initiated by the WBC in November 2020, this category aims to fill the gap between cruiserweight and heavyweight classes. Starting at 14 stone 4 pounds (90.7 kg) and capping at 16 stone (101.6 kg), bridgerweight offers a new challenge and opportunity for fighters who find themselves between the traditional weight classes.

While the bridgerweight division is still gaining recognition within the broader boxing community, its creation reflects a shift in the sport towards more nuanced weight classifications, providing athletes tailored opportunities to showcase their skills without the daunting leap in opponent sizes found in heavyweight bouts.

Future Prospects for Okolie

Previously holding the WBO world title at cruiserweight, Okolie’s move to bridgerweight could be seen as a strategic pivot following his loss to Chris Billam-Smith last year. This victory over Rozanski not only reinvigorates his career but also positions him as a formidable contender in this new weight class.

Looking ahead, the potential matchups for Okolie within the bridgerweight division are intriguing. The new class could attract a variety of fighters, blending the speed of lower weight classes with the formidable power of heavyweights, promising exciting times for fans and fighters alike.


Lawrence Okolie’s triumph in claiming the WBC bridgerweight title with a first-round knockout of Lukasz Rozanski is a testament to his skill, determination, and adaptability. As the bridgerweight division evolves, it will be fascinating to see how Okolie and his contemporaries shape the future of this promising category in the world of boxing.

As the sports world turns its eyes to this burgeoning division, Okolie’s career trajectory will be one to watch, with the promise of more thrilling bouts and potential historic achievements in the bridgerweight class.

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