Callum Smith Reaveals Bold Strategy Against Beterbiev

Callum Smith: Calm Before the Beterbiev Storm

Preparation and Mindset

As the boxing world gears up for the highly anticipated match between Artur Beterbiev and Callum Smith, insight from the latter reveal a profound readiness. Smith, in his own words, maintains a low profile, focusing more on the fight than the press conferences. “It was okay, it was fine,” Smith comments on the pre-fight media event, underscoring his calm demeanour ahead of significant challenges.

Career Highs and the Weight of Expectation

Callum Smith, when asked about the magnitude of this fight, says, “It’s massive…the biggest fight in my career.” He discusses the perpetual pressure at the top level, where every fight can make or break a boxer’s trajectory. “Every fight is the biggest and the most important to my career,” Smith asserts, reflecting a mindset where past glories are stepping stones to greater achievements.

Addressing the controversy around Beterbiev’s recent drug test, Smith states, “I just said, what does it mean? Is the fight in jeopardy?” His focus remains unwavering, concentrated solely on the fight’s outcome rather than getting entangled in the procedural intricacies. “I’m here to do a job,” Smith emphasises, illustrating his dedication to his craft over external narratives.

Strategy and Confidence in the Ring

Smith openly acknowledges the threat posed by Beterbiev, who he describes as having a “monster image.” However, he also points out Beterbiev’s vulnerabilities, noting, “He has been down twice as a professional.” Smith’s strategy revolves around leveraging these weaknesses, confident in his belief that “the best version of me can beat anyone in the world.”

Perspective on Alleged Pre-arranged Future Fight

Callum Smith touched on the boxing community’s buzz about a future fight between Beterbiev and Bivol. While recognising it as a potential slight, he maintains a professional stance, focusing on his present challenge rather than future speculation. “I plan on ripping the script up,” Smith declares, reflecting his intent to disrupt the status quo with his performance.

As the fight approaches, Smith reassures his supporters of his excellent condition, both physically and mentally. “Everything’s gone completely to plan,” he states, highlighting the meticulous preparation that has gone into this fight. He reiterates his goal to reclaim the world champion title, a driving force that keeps him motivated and focused.

Final Thoughts and Acknowledgement of Support

In closing, Smith expresses gratitude for the support he has received. “It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated,” he says, acknowledging the backing from his fans. With his sights set on bringing the titles back to Liverpool, Smith’s determination is palpable.

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