Jon Jones Weighs UFC 300 Lead, Open to Aspinall Fight

Jon Jones Spills the Beans on UFC 300 Headliner Proposal and Nods to Possible Aspinall Clash

In the high-octane world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently made waves with his candid revelation regarding an offer to headline the monumental UFC 300 event. Jones, whose career has been as illustrious as it is tumultuous, shared insights into his decision-making process, touching on retirement rumors and the prospect of facing interim champion Tom Aspinall.

Decision Time for Jones

Jones’s journey has never been short of drama or achievement. After a three-year break, he returned to the octagon with a bang, defeating Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 and reclaiming his spot at the pinnacle of the sport. However, the shadow of retirement looms large, with speculation rife that his next bout against Stipe Miocic could be his last dance in the UFC.

From the sun-drenched locales of Australia and New Zealand, where Jones is recuperating from a torn pectoral muscle, the champion shared his thoughts. Despite the allure of headlining UFC 300 in April, Jones, with the wisdom of a seasoned warrior, chose to step back, citing the need for full fitness and focus on his legacy bouts.

“I got a call from Hunter Campbell, one of the head lawyers of the UFC, he said, ‘Jon, I know it’s only nine weeks away, but if there’s any chance you’re feeling up to it, it would be awesome news for the community that you’re coming back and headlining one of the biggest events ever,’” Jones recounted. His response, though, was measured, “And, as honored as I am for the opportunity, I just don’t think I’ll be ready. I just don’t.”

The Future Holds a Fight with Aspinall?

Amid the discussions of legacy and potential retirement, Jones has not shut the door on future challenges, notably the prospect of facing Tom Aspinall. The interim champion has been in the conversation for a title unification bout, but Jones’s plans remain fluid, dependent on outcomes and opportunities.


Jones’s approach is pragmatic, emphasizing the importance of taking his career step by step. His next move hinges on the clash with Miocic—a fight enveloped in anticipation. Yet, Jones’s openness to battling Aspinall in the future underscores his commitment to the sport and its fans.

Respect and Realism in the Octagon

For Jones, respect for his adversaries, such as Stipe Miocic, is paramount. He acknowledges the cyclical nature of the UFC, where today’s champions can quickly become tomorrow’s contenders. In this ever-evolving landscape, Jones encourages Aspinall to carve his path, focusing on building a legacy that transcends any single bout.

Jones’s advice to Aspinall is a blend of encouragement and realism, urging the interim champion to focus on his journey to the top. “Tom has to focus on building his own legacy,” Jones stated, emphasizing the importance of earning one’s stripes in the competitive arena of the UFC.

Wrapping Up

Jon Jones’s reflections on the UFC 300 headliner offer and his future in fighting encapsulate the career of a sportsman at a crossroads. With his eyes set on legacy-defining battles, Jones remains a central figure in the narrative of MMA, his decisions shaping the sport’s landscape. As the UFC continues to evolve, Jones’s legacy, whether it includes a fight with Aspinall or not, is indelibly etched in its annals.

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