Joe Cordina: The Strategy Behind Seeking Bigger Fights

Joe Cordina: Charting New Course in Boxing Career

In an insightful piece by BBC Wales, Joe Cordina, the undefeated Welsh boxing sensation, candidly shares his ambitions and frustrations as he contemplates his future in the ring. With a record that speaks volumes of his prowess, Cordina’s next bout in Saudi Arabia isn’t just another title defense; it’s a pivotal moment in his illustrious career.

Champion’s Resolve Amidst Uncertainty

Cordina’s journey to his upcoming fight has been anything but smooth. Originally scheduled to share the spotlight on a major sporting event, an unexpected postponement threw a wrench in his plans. “It’s tough when a fight falls through… It was a nightmare,” Cordina reflects on the ordeal, underlining the mental and physical toll such disruptions can take on an athlete. Despite the setback, his determination remains unshaken, with an unwavering focus on maintaining his condition and mindset amidst uncertainty.

Weight of Ambition

As Cordina prepares to defend his IBF world super-featherweight title, his thoughts are already drifting towards the future. His decision to consider moving up a weight class is driven by a blend of ambition and realism. The prospect of unification fights that have eluded him at super-featherweight fuels his desire for new challenges. Cordina’s candidness about the industry’s dynamics, particularly the financial and competitive aspects at different weight classes, sheds light on the considerations elite athletes must juggle.

Quest for Meaningful Competition

Cordina’s current focus is on Anthony Cacace, a formidable opponent who brings his own set of skills to the ring. However, Cordina’s gaze is set beyond, on the horizon of legacy-defining bouts. His openness about seeking fights that not only challenge him but also resonate with fans and stakeholders in the sport is a testament to his career strategy. “Cacace is a great fighter but if I beat him and don’t get a unification fight… I don’t want to just keep defending my title,” he states, echoing the sentiments of many athletes who seek to continually elevate their careers.


Elusive Unification Bout

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Cordina discusses potential unification bouts, particularly with O’Shaquie Foster, the WBC super-featherweight titleholder. The complexities of arranging such fights, often mired in financial negotiations and promotional interests, are laid bare. Cordina’s frustration with the business side of boxing is palpable as he shares insights into the challenges of securing fights that make sense both competitively and financially. “The guy couldn’t sell out his hometown… He’s irrelevant but he’s got a belt,” Cordina remarks, highlighting the gap between holding a title and being a draw in the sport.


Looking Ahead

Joe Cordina’s reflections, as shared with BBC Wales, offer a rare glimpse into the mind of a champion at a crossroads. His next steps, whether they involve dominating a new weight class or finally securing the unification bouts he yearns for, will undoubtedly be watched closely by fans and analysts alike. In the world of boxing, where careers are as much shaped by punches as they are by choices off the canvas, Cordina’s journey embodies the spirit of a fighter who is not only ready to adapt but also eager to define his legacy on his own terms.

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