Lynch’s Goodbye: Social Media Hint at Possible Return in the Future

As the curtains closed on Monday Night Raw, a significant moment unfolded. Becky Lynch, popularly known as “The Man,” seemed to hint at a much-deserved hiatus through a poignant social media post. This development comes amid swirling rumours about her contract status with WWE.

Lynch’s Cryptic Social Media Hint

After a gruelling steel cage rematch loss to Liv Morgan, Lynch took to social media, leaving fans in suspense. She posted a cryptic message, “To be continued,” along with an image evocative of someone walking off into the sunset. This has fuelled speculation about her future with WWE. The post’s timing is intriguing, especially since rumours have been rife that Lynch has not yet signed a contract extension with WWE.

Contract Status Uncertain

For weeks, speculation has been rampant that Lynch has yet to finalise a new deal with WWE. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani before WrestleMania, she hinted that discussions had not even begun. While many assumed the contract negotiations would be straightforward, the lack of news has raised eyebrows.

In contrast, contemporaries like Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre have secured long-term contracts. Lynch even captured the Women’s World Title after Rhea Ripley’s unexpected injury, only to lose it to Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring. The loss aligns with WWE’s typical approach of not allowing soon-to-be free agents to hold titles.

Expiry Looms Large

Lynch’s current contract reportedly ends on June 1. In WWE, when contracts expire, talents are free agents, leaving Lynch open to possibilities such as AEW, should the promotion present a lucrative offer. However, it is widely believed that Lynch does not intend to leave WWE. Instead, she might be seeking a well-earned break, which she was scheduled to take post-WrestleMania 40, or she could be leveraging potential offers to strengthen her negotiation position with WWE.

The Implications of Lynch’s Absence

The potential absence of Becky Lynch from WWE will be felt profoundly. As one of the company’s top stars, regardless of gender, she commands a significant presence and is highly valued. Additionally, being a new mother, taking a break to focus on her family might be a priority.

Her husband, Seth Rollins, is signed to a long-term deal with WWE, and Lynch herself has expressed that she doesn’t believe fans have seen her last WrestleMania. This statement offers a glimmer of hope that her departure might not be permanent.

Hope for a Triumphant Return

Fans and the WWE alike hope that Lynch will return rejuvenated after her break. The expectation is that she will secure a new contract and come back refreshed, ready to reclaim her spot at the top of the wrestling world. Lynch’s star power and charisma are unmatched, making her return eagerly anticipated.

In the end, while Lynch’s future remains shrouded in uncertainty, the possibility of her return continues to excite fans. Her break, hinted at through a simple yet powerful social media post, leaves the door open for what could be an epic comeback in the world of professional wrestling.


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