Hearn Sets Sights on Edwards-Nontshinga Summer Clash

Hearn Eyes Edwards-Nontshinga Bout For Summer Showdown

In the world of boxing, where every fight has the potential to become a historic event, promoter Eddie Hearn is setting the stage for a bout that could capture the imagination of fans worldwide. A clash between Sivenathi Nontshinga and Sunny Edwards is on the horizon, with Hearn indicating a potential showdown this summer.

Nontshinga’s Triumphant Comeback

Sivenathi Nontshinga recently reclaimed his position at the pinnacle of the IBF light flyweight division with a remarkable 10th round stoppage victory over Adrian Curiel. This win in Oaxaca, Mexico, marked a significant comeback for the South African, who had previously lost his title to Curiel in a surprising second-round stoppage last November.

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Edwards’ Ambition

Sunny Edwards, not one to shy away from a challenge, expressed his eagerness to face Nontshinga shortly after the latter’s victory in Mexico. Edwards, known for his desire to compete against the best, has set his sights on becoming a two-division world champion. “Great stoppage by Nontshinga. Weathered the storm and took his man out of there. I want two time too,” Edwards stated on social media platform X, signaling his intent to Hearn.


Potential Summer Spectacle

The bout between Edwards and Nontshinga is not just a fight; it’s a potential spectacle that could captivate the boxing world. Edwards, the IBF flyweight world champion since April 2021, has successfully defended his title four times. However, a unification bout loss to Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez last December has only fueled his ambition.

Moving down from flyweight to light flyweight presents a formidable challenge for Edwards, but it’s a challenge he appears ready to embrace. Hearn acknowledges the difficulty of the weight cut but believes the fight between Edwards and Nontshinga is significant enough to warrant consideration for a summer matchup.

Battle of Champions

The prospective battle between Edwards and Nontshinga is more than just a contest for titles; it’s a clash of wills, a test of endurance, and a fight that promises to leave an indelible mark on the sport. As Hearn puts it, “He could [move down to light flyweight] but it is tough, it is tough. But him and Nontshinga is a big fight and is definitely one we could look to make in the summer.”

As the boxing community eagerly anticipates this potential summer showdown, one thing is clear: when champions collide, history is made. And in the case of Edwards versus Nontshinga, fans could be in for a bout that will be talked about for years to come.

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