Hearn: Mixed Feelings on Paul-Tyson Bout

Eddie Hearn Reflects On Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Match-Up

Hearn’s Hesitancy on a High-Profile Bout

Eddie Hearn, the mastermind behind Matchroom Boxing, has recently voiced his reservations about the Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fight. Despite his acknowledgment of the bout’s potential to captivate audiences, Hearn’s tone suggests a hint of reluctance. He’s an ardent boxing aficionado, and Tyson, a legend in the ring, holds a special place in his heart. Hearn’s sentiment: “I think you’re asking the wrong guy. I’m a hardcore boxing fan, (Tyson) is one of my heroes, I find it very sad. But it’s a big event, I understand people are going to watch it. And it’s entertainment, I guess, but for someone who idolised the guy growing up — yeah, not the best day.”

Paul’s Credibility

When it comes to Jake Paul securing credibility by potentially defeating Tyson, Hearn remains sceptical. He points out, “He’s 58 years old,” underlining the age disparity between the two fighters.


Drawing Parallels: Pacquiao vs Benn

Hearn also shed light on another intriguing matchup: Manny Pacquiao versus Conor Benn. He sees this as a completely different proposition. Highlighting Pacquiao’s exceptional career, Hearn states, “Pacquiao fought, what, a couple of years ago, been fighting exhibitions, he’s an eight division world champion, he’s still a world class fighter unquestionably. He would beat every one of Conor Benn’s opponents with ease.”

Mix of Excitement and Concern

Hearn’s perspective encapsulates the duality of the modern boxing landscape – a blend of entertainment and traditional sporting values. The Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight, though not entirely embraced by Hearn, promises to be a spectacle that will undeniably draw global interest.

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