Hamzah Sheeraz Eyes Triple Division World Titles

Hamzah Sheeraz: Chasing Boxing Greatness and Three-Weight Champion Dreams

In an era where boxing narratives often intertwine ambition with raw talent, Hamzah Sheeraz’s quest for becoming a three-division world champion illuminates a path filled with determination and an unyielding spirit. As reported by Kal Sajad in BBC Sport, Sheeraz’s recent triumph over Liam Williams not only showcases his prowess but also marks the beginning of a journey towards unparalleled boxing glory.

Rising Star on the Horizon

At the tender age of 24, Sheeraz has already made an indelible mark in the middleweight division. With an unblemished record of 19 victories, all of which came by the way of knockout, his latest win against Williams in a stunning first-round stoppage has sent ripples through the boxing community. This victory not only underlines his lethal power but also his strategic finesse in the ring.

A Vision for the Future

Sheeraz’s aspirations stretch far beyond the confines of the middleweight division. He envisions himself clinching world titles across three weight classes, a feat that would etch his name among the legends of the sport. “Being world champion would be part one complete,” Sheeraz remarks, hinting at a timeline that could see him challenging for world honours by the end of 2024. Such ambition is not just a testament to his confidence but also to his dedication to the sport.

A Jab Compared to Legends

The comparison of Sheeraz’s jab to that of Tommy Hearns by promoter Frank Warren is not only an honour but also a testament to his exceptional skill set. Sheeraz’s ability to draw parallels with the iconic Kronk gym style, known for its power and precision, accentuates his unique attributes as a fighter. His slender, yet powerful, frame enables him to deliver punches with devastating effect, a quality that has been instrumental in his rise.

Dream Match-Up on the Horizon

Sheeraz has set his sights on Chris Eubank Jr, a fighter renowned for his explosiveness and resilience. The potential match-up between these two British talents has already captivated the public’s imagination, promising a clash filled with intensity and competitive fire. Despite no formal negotiations yet, the buzz around this fight underscores the intrigue it generates among boxing aficionados.


In the realm of boxing, where dreams and reality often collide, Hamzah Sheeraz stands as a beacon of ambition. His journey, meticulously chronicled by Kal Sajad, serves as a reminder of the unwavering pursuit of greatness that defines champions. As Sheeraz continues on his path, the world watches, eager to witness the emergence of a boxing legend.

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