Garcia Denies Doping Allegations After Haney Victory

Garcia Firm in Statement Amid Controversy

Ryan Garcia’s recent victory over Devin Haney has been overshadowed by a storm of controversy. Garcia, who secured a majority decision win after dropping Haney three times with his signature left hook in April, now faces scrutiny due to doping allegations.

Haney Retains Record Despite Defeat

Despite the drama leading up to the fight, Garcia’s performance was exceptional. However, controversy struck when it was revealed that Garcia was slightly over the weight limit and tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine on the day before and the day of the fight. This revelation has cast a shadow over his triumph, with many questioning the legitimacy of his win.

Garcia, however, has remained steadfast in his innocence, even after his B-sample also returned positive results. “I feel hurt and damaged by the accusations that are put on me. I know for a fact that I am not a cheater,” Garcia told DAZN reporter Emily Austin in a recent interview. “I’ve never been a cheater. I’ve put in so much work my whole life, and one of my greatest victories has a little bit of an asterisk because of a lie. I’m genuinely hurt. I cry at night sometimes just knowing that they are trying to taint my victory.”

Trainer Support Amid Doping Allegations

In light of these allegations, Garcia has received strong support from his former trainer, Joe Goossen. Goossen, who trained Garcia from 2022 to 2023, expressed his unwavering belief in Garcia’s integrity and dedication. “I’ve known Ryan ever since he was a teenager, and I have nothing but great things to say about him because he has a great heart,” said Goossen. “He’s one of the best fighters I’ve ever trained. He’s got so much talent that it’s not even funny. He’s got everything.

Goossen emphasised that during their time together, there was never any indication that Garcia would engage in doping. “I trained Ryan for two years straight and never saw anything remotely close to the same galaxy of what is being talked about now. It wasn’t even talked about. Ryan would never knowingly do something like that. When he trained with me, he was dedicated. He always worked hard. Nothing about Ryan would lead me even to speculate anything in that direction. No way. Something isn’t right.”

Doping in Boxing: A Persistent Issue

The issue of doping in boxing is not new. The sport has seen numerous high-profile cases over the years, raising questions about the effectiveness of current testing and regulatory measures. Victor Conte, a prominent figure in the anti-doping movement, has been vocal in his criticism of Garcia, which has only fueled the controversy.

Garcia’s frustration is palpable, particularly with figures like Conte questioning his integrity. “We’re letting literal cheaters like steroids poster boy Victor Conte convict me of cheating. And he’s the one who shaped VADA. Why are we listening to this guy? That smells like funny business to me,” Garcia stated. “I know Devin Haney was the poster child for being the next Floyd Mayweather but I debunked that. How about you just give me my credit?”

Garcia’s situation underscores the ongoing struggle within boxing to maintain a level playing field. As the sport grapples with these issues, the careers and reputations of athletes hang in the balance. Garcia’s firm denial and the support from his team highlight the complex nature of doping allegations and the need for fair and transparent investigations.

In the end, while Garcia’s victory remains officially recorded, the cloud of controversy continues to linger, raising critical questions about doping, athlete integrity, and the measures in place to uphold the sport’s credibility.

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