Frank Warren on Fury vs. Usyk: It’s Locked In

Fury vs. Usyk: The Battle for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship

In an exclusive interview on TNT Sports Boxing, Frank Warren discusses the highly anticipated Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, set for May 18th. With the boxing world buzzing with anticipation, Warren sheds light on the complexities and challenges leading up to this monumental fight.

Locked in and Ready

Warren confirms, “It is locked in,” dispelling any doubts about the fight’s status. Addressing the swirling rumors and so-called conspiracy theories, he emphasises the genuine challenges faced in organizing such a colossal event. “Some of the nonsense that went on over the last few weeks…in my time in boxing, I’m seeing so many idiots, especially people who are involved in boxing, coming out with these stupid conspiracy theories.”

Stakes of Preparation

Highlighting the physical toll on fighters, Warren points out, “Tyson’s got a genuine cut; he’s walking around with stitches in his eyes now.” The comment underscores the real risks and sacrifices fighters endure. He invites listeners to consider the perspective of a former world champion on the unpredictability and hardships of training for such a high-caliber bout.


Unforeseen Challenges in Boxing

Warren draws parallels with past incidents to illustrate the unpredictable nature of boxing. He recounts, “Carl lost an opponent overnight…fell over in…he lost another one when a flower plant pot fell on his head.” These anecdotes serve to remind fans and critics alike of the often unforeseeable and bizarre obstacles that can arise in the lead-up to a fight.


This forthcoming clash between Fury and Usyk is not just a test of physical strength and skill but also an ordeal of mental fortitude, preparation, and overcoming the unexpected. As the boxing community counts down to May 18th, the insights from Frank Warren offer a rare glimpse into the complexities behind the scenes of organizing a fight of this magnitude.

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