End of an Era: Stevenson’s Retirement Shocks Fans

Shakur Stevenson Announces Retirement from Boxing

A Surprising End to a Champion’s Career

In a move that has shocked the boxing world, WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson (21-0, 10 KOs) announced his retirement from the sport. Credited to Abraham Gonzalez of ProBox TV News, this revelation came through a post where Stevenson stated, “I’m officially retiring from the sport of boxing. I’ll be in the gym forever perfecting my craft and helping the next generation become great and chase they dreams, but I ain’t fw this weak boxing game.”

Context Behind Stevenson’s Decision

Stevenson’s decision follows his recent victory over Edwin De Los Santos in November. Despite winning, the fight set a record for the fewest punches thrown, a fact that didn’t sit well with critics. Stevenson attributed his underwhelming performance to not feeling well, hinting at possible underlying reasons for his abrupt retirement.

Shifting Tides in the Lightweight Division

This announcement comes amidst significant developments in the lightweight division. Just an hour prior, the WBO ordered negotiations for their vacant title between Emmanuel Navarrete and Denys Berinchyk. This effectively sidelines the potential for a Stevenson-Navarrete showdown, perhaps influencing Stevenson’s decision.



Stevenson’s retirement aligns with a growing trend in boxing, where fighters like Teofimo Lopez have also announced retirements, only to return shortly after. Lopez, after his fight against Josh Taylor in June, briefly stepped away before returning to request elevation to super champion. It raises the question: is Stevenson’s retirement a permanent decision, or a temporary step back from the ring?

The Future of Stevenson and Boxing

As the boxing community reacts, the primary question now is whether Stevenson’s retirement is definitive. His statement about remaining involved in training and mentoring the next generation suggests a continued passion for the sport, albeit away from the competitive spotlight. The coming days will be crucial in understanding the finality of his decision.

Stevenson’s retirement, if permanent, marks the end of an era for a fighter who has been a dominant force in the lightweight division. His departure opens up new opportunities for other fighters to ascend in the rankings and possibly change the dynamics of the division.

Conclusion: An Uncertain Path Ahead

In conclusion, Shakur Stevenson’s sudden retirement announcement has stirred up the boxing world, leaving fans and analysts pondering the future of a once-promising career. Whether this decision is a momentary pause or the end of a chapter in b

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