Eddie Hearn on Usyk vs. Fury: What Really Happened

Alexander Usyk: The New Undisputed Heavyweight Champion

A Night to Remember in Riyadh

In a historic event at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Alexander Usyk emerged as the new Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. The arena was filled to capacity, with fans witnessing a night of intense boxing that concluded with Usyk claiming all four belts. The fight was described as “a fight and a half” by Lennox Lewis, who presented Usyk with the championship belts.

Expert Analysis from the Commentary Team

The DAZN commentary team, including former heavyweight champions Joe Parker and Lennox Lewis, provided in-depth analysis of the fight. Joe Parker was particularly impressed by Usyk’s relentless pressure on Tyson Fury, noting, “Usyk set the tone and pushed him back from the beginning.” Lennox Lewis highlighted Fury’s need for more discipline, saying, “He needed to keep his hands up a little bit more; he got caught, and Usyk took advantage of that.”

Eddie Hearn, who watched the fight ringside, gave his perspective on the battle’s dynamics. He remarked, “What a spectacle, how great for the sport of boxing.” Hearn further elaborated, “It was almost a fight of two halves. Fury won the first six rounds, and then Usyk won the next six. The momentum started to swing in the seventh and eighth rounds.”

Impact and Significance of Usyk’s Victory

Usyk’s victory is monumental not just for his career but also for Ukraine. Vladimir Klitschko, a proud Ukrainian, expressed his joy, saying, “Alexander just showed once again that with technique, you can make much more and get much further in boxing than just with power.” He also highlighted the morale boost Usyk’s victory brought to their country, especially amidst the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The commentators also reflected on Usyk’s journey. Joe Parker praised Usyk for fighting as the underdog, stating, “He’s done it as the small man, the underdog against Anthony Joshua and now against Tyson Fury. It’s incredible.” Lennox Lewis added, “This is what he wanted to do for his country, and he achieved it.”

Looking Forward to the Rematch

The potential for a rematch was a hot topic among the commentators. Eddie Hearn emphasized the excitement surrounding a possible second fight, saying, “The rematch is a big, big fight now.” He noted that while Fury was never out of the fight, adjustments could be made for the next encounter. “There’s going to be no rematch AJ straight in with Fury, and all of a sudden it turns,” Hearn observed, highlighting the dramatic shift in the fight’s momentum.

The DAZN team also acknowledged Tyson Fury’s contributions to heavyweight boxing. Despite his loss, Fury’s resilience and previous achievements were praised. Lennox Lewis commented, “You got to take your hat off to him. He’s a remarkable man and a family man.”


The night in Riyadh will be remembered as a defining moment in boxing history. Alexander Usyk’s victory not only solidified his place as an all-time great but also brought immense pride to his home country, Ukraine. As the boxing world eagerly anticipates a rematch, Usyk’s focus and determination serve as an inspiration to many. Eddie Hearn summed it up well, stating, “You’re talking about one of the greatest fighters of our generation.”

The future looks bright for Alexander Usyk, the new Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.

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