Dubois Secures Interim IBF Heavyweight Title with Hrgovic Stoppage

Dubois Dominance Secures Interim IBF Heavyweight Title

Gruesome cuts above both of Filip Hrgovic’s eyes led to a premature end to his fight against Daniel Dubois, handing the Brit the interim IBF heavyweight title.

The highly-anticipated Queensberry vs Matchroom 5v5 event in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night saw Dubois, part of Frank Warren’s Queensbury stable, secure an impressive eighth-round stoppage against the Croatian after trading hefty blows throughout the encounter.

Queensbury Victory in Saudi Arabia

Dubois, who has faced notable defeats in his career to Oleksandr Usyk and Joe Joyce, appeared more sharpened and focused in his approach. In contrast, Hrgovic, yet to meet an opponent of Dubois’ calibre, faced a harsh reality in the Gulf State. The Croatian fighter, known for his resilience, was put out of his misery after an examination by the ringside doctor. The cuts he suffered warranted an immediate halt to the bout, marking the first defeat of his professional career in 18 fights.


Hrgovoic Battering Leads to Stoppage

The fight’s intensity was evident from the start, with both fighters exchanging powerful blows. However, the damage to Hrgovic’s eyes was severe. The Croatian’s gruesome cuts above both eyes became the focal point, leading to the eighth-round stoppage against Dubois. The ringside doctor’s decision was clear: the fight could not continue without risking further injury to Hrgovic.

Dubois reflected on his victory with TNT Sports, saying, “To come through that was a learning experience for me. I’m just so proud of myself.” His triumph highlighted his growth and resilience, setting the stage for future challenges.

Future Prospects for Dubois

Remarkably, Dubois’ victory contributed to Warren’s squad achieving an 8-0 lead following earlier wins for Hamzah Sheeraz, Nick Ball, Willy Hutchinson, and Dmitry Bivol. This impressive streak has solidified Queensbury’s dominance in the boxing world.

Dubois’ win may also have opened the door for an all-British clash against Anthony Joshua. With Joshua set to fight at Wembley in September on his quest to become a three-time world champion, the possibility of this match-up is tantalising. When asked about the potential clash, Dubois confidently declared, “Bring it on!”

The Queensberry vs Matchroom 5v5 event showcased the sheer talent and determination of Daniel Dubois. His victory over Hrgovic, marked by the Croatian’s gruesome injuries, underscored Dubois’ prowess and readiness for bigger challenges. As the boxing world looks ahead, the prospect of Dubois facing Joshua promises an exciting future for British boxing fans.

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