Drew’s Dilemma: WWE Contract Yet to Seal

Drew McIntyre’s WWE Future: Uncertain Despite WrestleMania Spotlight

In the electrifying world of WWE, the spotlight is firmly on Drew McIntyre as he gears up for a World Title clash at WrestleMania 40. Yet, amidst the roar of the crowd and the anticipation of the showdown, a question lingers in the air: Will McIntyre continue to be a WWE Superstar beyond this grand event?

Contract Conundrum: McIntyre Yet to Ink a New Deal

The wrestling community buzzed with speculation earlier this week, suggesting McIntyre had pledged his future to WWE. This, however, seems to be a premature assumption. According to MailSport, the talks between McIntyre and WWE are still ongoing and far from conclusion. While this doesn’t necessarily signal McIntyre’s departure to rival factions, it does leave his long-term allegiance with WWE in a state of suspense.

The situation has been further complicated by reports from Fightful Select, which indicate that McIntyre’s current contract, originally set to expire before WrestleMania 40, has been extended only to cover this season. This extension, often a strategy employed in wrestling when athletes are sidelined due to injuries, has added another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Creative Direction or Financial Rewards? The Deciding Factor

What could be holding back McIntyre from committing to WWE? It appears that money isn’t the sticking point. The crux of the matter might lie in the creative direction of his character. Nicknamed ‘The Scottish Psychopath’, McIntyre has experienced a string of 12 title match losses, including high-profile bouts like the one against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle. These outcomes, undoubtedly, would weigh heavily on any athlete’s decision about their future.


However, McIntyre’s recent transformation into a more villainous character in 2024 has been met with acclaim. This evolution in his wrestling persona might just be the key to retaining him within WWE’s fold. The outcome of his WrestleMania match could very well be the deciding factor in this high-stakes negotiation.

WrestleMania: The Ultimate Showdown and Decider

As WrestleMania approaches, the tension is palpable. McIntyre’s unresolved contract situation, coupled with Seth Rollins’ back issues, positions him as a potential favourite for the win. But the world of WWE is unpredictable, and past events have shown that certainty is a luxury seldom afforded. Will WrestleMania 40 be the stage where McIntyre’s future is finally sealed, or will it mark the beginning of a new chapter elsewhere? Only time will tell.

As fans and pundits alike speculate, one thing is clear: Drew McIntyre remains a pivotal figure in the WWE universe, and his decision, whichever way it swings, will have significant repercussions for the world of professional wrestling.

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