Drew McIntyre Teases CM Punk Ahead of WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre’s Banter at CM Punk’s Expense Pre-WWE Raw in Chicago

Drew McIntyre never misses a beat when it comes to taking playful jabs at his rival CM Punk, and ahead of tonight’s WWE Raw in the heart of Chicago, the Scotsman orchestrated yet another light-hearted dig, this time at a spot steeped in Punk’s history.

McIntyre’s Bakery Banter

McIntyre, perhaps feeling a bit peckish before his Raw appearance, made a pit stop at Mindy’s Bakery in Chicago. For aficionados of wrestling drama, this bakery holds significance—it’s where Punk famously indulged in muffins during his eyebrow-raising AEW press conference after All Out in 2022. McIntyre’s visit was more than just a quest for pastries; it was a deliberate nod to Punk’s controversial moment, one that set tongues wagging in the wrestling world.

Unfortunately for McIntyre, the bakery was shuttered, prompting him to quip, “they’d probably taste like crap anyway.” A cheeky move, undoubtedly, and one that resonated with fans, instantly sparking chatter across the WWE Universe.

History of McIntyre-Punk Discord

This bakery banter is merely the latest installment in McIntyre’s ongoing saga of needling the former WWE Champion. Since the Royal Rumble match, where McIntyre inadvertently caused Punk’s injury with a well-placed Future Shock DDT, the banter between the two has escalated. McIntyre hasn’t hesitated to poke fun at Punk’s misfortune, especially considering it’s resulted in Punk’s absence from the WrestleMania 40 lineup.

Yet, Punk has hinted at a potential return, teasing fans with cryptic messages about WrestleMania’s relevance without “Phil” (hint: his real name). His impending appearance on Raw tonight has only stoked the fires of speculation. While Punk’s exact role remains shrouded in mystery, his promise to “raise the bar” from recent viral moments suggests he’s poised for something big.

Raw’s Potential for Drama

With tensions simmering between Punk, McIntyre, and Seth Rollins, who’s slated to face McIntyre at WrestleMania 40, tonight’s Raw promises to be explosive. Punk’s return to the fold could mean verbal sparring sessions with both McIntyre and Rollins, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown.

As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the unfolding drama, McIntyre’s bakery antics serve as a reminder: in the world of wrestling, even a trip for pastries can become fodder for headline-grabbing banter.

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