Conor McGregor’s BKFC Ambitions: Gaethje Next?

McGregor Wants Gaethje in BKFC: A New Chapter in Combat Sports

Conor McGregor, ever the headline-grabber, has made yet another strategic move in the world of combat sports. Now a co-owner of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), McGregor is not just investing money but also stirring the pot with intriguing matchups. His latest idea? A bare-knuckle bout with Justin Gaethje, a fight that promises to be an enormous spectacle.

McGregor’s New Role in BKFC

Conor McGregor’s acquisition of co-ownership in BKFC marks a significant shift in his career. In a recent interview with MacLife via BKFC, McGregor shared his enthusiasm about his latest venture and the potential it holds. His investment, announced during the broadcast of BKFC: Knucklemania IV headlined by Mike Perry, underscores his commitment to the rapidly growing sport.

BKFC President David Feldman revealed that McGregor now holds a significant stake in the organization, cementing his influence in shaping its future.


Gaethje’s Possible Move to BKFC

McGregor is particularly excited about the prospect of Justin Gaethje joining BKFC. “Let’s put Justin Gaethje in a Bare Knuckle fight – that’s really exciting,” McGregor declared. His enthusiasm is palpable, considering Gaethje’s reputation as a relentless fighter. McGregor believes that Gaethje’s transition to bare-knuckle fighting would be far more thrilling than any potential fights in other MMA organizations.

“We’ve seen former UFC champions or UFC veterans move to other mixed martial arts promotions. They’ve fought MMA their entire careers, and it doesn’t have the same impact. Now, taking Justin Gaethje, a UFC veteran, former BMF holder, and interim belt holder, and putting him in Bare Knuckle – that’s exciting, really exciting. Putting him in another MMA organization, not so much.”

BKFC’s Unique Appeal

Reflecting on his mentorship under Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White, McGregor highlighted the unique appeal of BKFC. He drew parallels between BKFC and UFC, noting the former’s potential to deliver an equally captivating experience. Bare-knuckle fighting, with its raw intensity and absence of gloves, offers a unique spectacle that McGregor finds exhilarating.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, with its top-tier promotional elements such as lights, ring girls, theatrics, and fireworks, mirrors the UFC’s ability to create a ‘wow’ factor. The sight of fighters entering the ring bare-knuckled adds an extra layer of excitement, promising a spectacle that McGregor believes will captivate fans.

Feldman’s Matchmaking Vision

One of the key factors that attracted McGregor to BKFC was the quality of its matchmaking. He expressed his admiration for David Feldman’s vision, stating that Feldman’s matchmaking prowess was a significant motivation behind his investment. “The matchmaking is outstanding,” McGregor noted. “I believe in Feldman’s vision, and together, we can be a significant force in the combat sports industry.”

McGregor’s confidence in Feldman’s abilities and the potential of BKFC suggests that the organization is poised for remarkable growth. With McGregor’s backing and strategic insight, BKFC could attract top-tier talent and redefine the landscape of combat sports.

Conor McGregor’s involvement with BKFC signals an exciting new chapter for the organization. His enthusiasm for a potential bout between himself and Justin Gaethje in the BKFC ring has already generated significant buzz. As McGregor and Feldman work together to elevate BKFC, the combat sports world eagerly anticipates what could be an enormous fight and a landmark moment for the sport.

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