Buatsi Ready for Yarde After Wembley Victory

Buatsi Sets Sights on Yarde Showdown After Triumph Over Azeez

In the pulsating world of light-heavyweight boxing, Joshua Buatsi’s recent victory over Dan Azeez has carved a new path towards an enticing London derby against Anthony Yarde. While the ultimate prize remains the winner of the Artur Beterbiev-Dmitry Bivol bout, Buatsi is not one to shy away from a challenge, eyeing a potential clash with Yarde in the meantime.

Buatsi’s Ambitious Roadmap

Buatsi’s victory at Wembley Arena was more than just a win; it was a statement. Clinching Azeez’s British title and triumphing in the final eliminator for the WBA world championship puts Buatsi in a strategic position. He’s now at the threshold of challenging the victor of the Beterbiev vs. Bivol undisputed title fight, a bout brewing with immense anticipation. “As I said before the [Azeez] fight the winner will be in a very good position so I’m glad I came out on top. It puts me in a very good position,” Buatsi expressed to Sky Sports.

Yarde in Buatsi’s Crosshairs

However, the boxing ring waits for no one, and Buatsi is well aware of the ticking clock. Instead of idly waiting for his shot at the major championships, Buatsi is keen to keep the momentum of his career surging forward. Enter Anthony Yarde, a potential adversary who could serve as more than just a stopgap. “I want to keep active and, before you ask me, yes I’m still interested in a Yarde fight. If that proposes itself and it’s a good one and my team and I think it’s good, we’ll take that fight too,” Buatsi stated.


London’s Boxing Fervour

The clash with Azeez was a testament to the electric atmosphere that London can generate, especially when two of its world-class boxers go head-to-head. Buatsi acknowledges the intensity and energy of the bout: “The atmosphere was crazy, the noise, everything. I’m just glad that I came out on top.” The fight was a rollercoaster of action, with Buatsi ensuring that every success of Azeez was met with a robust response.

Respect in the Ring

In a display of sportsmanship and respect, Buatsi didn’t just celebrate his victory but also acknowledged Azeez’s resilience and skill. “It was a hard push,” Buatsi reflected. “As much as the light is on me, I want it to be on Dan as well. It was a hard fight and it took two to make so I’m glad we made it.” This attitude exemplifies the spirit of boxing, where mutual respect often underpins fierce competition.

In summary, Joshua Buatsi’s path is set with ambition and purpose. With his eyes on the Beterbiev-Bivol winner, he remains open to a battle with Anthony Yarde, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement in the boxing world. As Buatsi navigates through these potential matchups, one thing is clear: the light-heavyweight division is in for some exhilarating times ahead.

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