Aussie Star Aims for WBC Home Glory in April

Skye Nicolson: Australia’s Rising Star Eyeing WBC World Title Glory

Skye Nicolson, an Australian boxing sensation currently undefeated in her professional career, is fervently aiming for her inaugural world title bout to be held in Australia this April. This remarkable athlete, who boasts an impressive record of nine victories in as many fights, has her eyes set on the prestigious WBC world title.

Home Advantage for Nicolson’s Title Quest

Based in the UK, Nicolson’s aspiration of competing for the world title on her home turf in Brisbane is not just a matter of pride but a dream she’s inching closer to realizing. The 28-year-old, affiliated with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing, is anticipated to be a strong contender, especially with the support of her home crowd.

Vacant Title Beckons

The opportunity emerged when Amanda Serrano relinquished the WBC featherweight title, positioning interim belt holder Nicolson to battle Sarah Mahfoud for the now-vacant title. Mahfoud, hailing from Denmark, previously held the IBF featherweight championship but conceded it to Serrano last year.

Serrano’s Stand Against WBC

Serrano’s decision to vacate the WBC belt followed the organization’s refusal to allow women fighters three-minute rounds. This move reshaped the featherweight division, opening a pathway for Nicolson. The Australian was initially eyeing a showdown with Serrano, but the latter’s stance against WBC’s ruling changed the course.

Nicolson’s Confidence Unshaken

Nicolson’s confidence remains unshaken as she prepares to face Mahfoud. “I know Mahfoud won three rounds against Serrano just over a year ago,” Nicolson stated. “She won’t win three rounds against me. That was the same against [Lucy] Wildheart, she won three rounds against Mikaela Mayer. She wasn’t winning three rounds against me, never, it wasn’t even going to be close. I feel very confident, I know she’s a good boxer but that works in my favour, I like fighting good boxers.”

Anticipation Builds for a Historic Bout

The boxing world eagerly awaits this potential historic matchup on Australian soil. Nicolson, with her unblemished record and unwavering determination, is ready to etch her name in the annals of boxing history.

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